Seven Hills Systems is an authorized distributors of APC, Microtek Inverters and Exide Batteries and an authorized dealer of TATA BP Solar Water Heaters and Solar Lighting Systems. Seven Hills Systems also deals with inverters like Su - Kam, Crompton Greaves, Tribal, Luminous, Mahindra and Batteries like SF Sonic, Amaron, Grundfos Booster & Pressure Pumps.

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About solar panels
Solar Panels, or photovoltaic (PV) cells are devices that basically convert the solar energy into electricity. And it all started with Albert Einstien and his theorty of the photoelectric effect.
Renewable solar energy
Most of the renewable energy originates from the sun. The amount of solar power received by the earths surface in a minute is greater than the energy use of entire population in one year.
Green solar power
Solar power is one of the most promissing alternatives to fossil fuels to supply worlds energy requirements. It is estimated that by 2050 carbon dioxide levels will double if left unchecked.
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